Diamond manufacturer importers and exporters

All diamonds of Niv Gems in every aspect are 100% natural in nature & conflict free. Niv Gems has a state of the art advanced diamond manufacturing unit in Surat which utilizes the most efficient machinery.

About us

We started business as diamond Manufacturer and importers exporters established in 1970. Our Indian company B.BIPINKUMAR & COMPANY have become thoroughly integral to the diamond business. Recognized by the Indian government as an export house, Niv Gems import rough diamonds, processes and exports polished diamonds to all major countries around the globe.

Our founders Mr. Jivanbhai Bhagvanbhai Saspara, Mr. Tulsibhai Bhagvanbhai Saspara, started the company since last 48 years. Together they are consolidating the business over the years and developed a strong goodwill in the diamond trade and we have also strong presence in Indian domestic market.

The company has excellent grading systems which are required to compete for good standards. The company can provide certificate of GIA, HRD IGI etc on customers demands. The company sources rough diamonds from various countries like Belgium, Dubai, South Africa.

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